Creative Card Clips, A Toy Invention For Kids and Children - Construction Toy Using Small Clips and Playing Cards.

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Great creative invention of a construction toy for kids and children to build all kinds of fun things.






A Toy Invention For Kids and Children

Creative Card Clips

This invention, a children's toy, is called creative card clips. They are the little yellow
clips in the pictures that are holding the playing cards together in various configurations to make
things like airplanes, bull dozers, castles and just about anything you can imagine.

Here are some pictures of the  "creative card clips" being used to model various items and a look at
some of the packaging.

 Picture of creative card clips invention used as a childs toy to make  a model of an airplane

space shuttle


New childs toy invention used to make a toy bulldozer with clips and playing cards

Tractor or Bull Dozer


Display packaging for the creative card clips childrens toy invention for internet marketing campaign.

Shipper packaging


marketing packaging for the creative card clips showing three package desings.

Individual packages



Creative card clips used to build a castle

A simple castle

Some of the things we've built that aren't shown obviously are suites of armor that a kid can wear, wearable hats, a model
of the Queen Mary Ship on which we had a booth for a trade show, castle big enough to get inside of, and lots more.  Of
course, it helps to have a limitless supply of clips and playing cards.


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