Invention History Timeline From 1925 to 1950 with Inventors and Inventions Like the Vaccine for Pertussis, Edwin Land, Plexiglass, the Ballpoint Pen, Aqualung and More.

Patents, Prototypes, Manufacturing, and Marketing New Inventions

An invention timeline from the year 1925 to the year 1950.






Invention History Timeline From 1925 to 1950.

Invention timeline.

1925 John Logie Baird develops the mechanical television

1925 Production of 18/8 austenitic grade steel, later used for jet engines

1925 Leica 35mm format camera introduced

1925 18/8 austenitic grade steel adopted by chemical industry

1925 John Logie Baird successfully transmits the first recognizable image

1926 First demonstration of the television by John Logie Baird

1926 First principles of fiber optic imaging bundles proposed by Clarence Hansell

1926 First vaccine for pertussis

1926 First liquid-fuel rocket launched by Goddard

1927 Quartz clock invented by Warren Marrison

1927 The first commercial production of polyacrylic polymers

1927 First vaccine for tuberculosis

1927 Radioactive tracers used to detect and diagnose heart disease

1927 Philo Farnsworth transmits the first television picture comprising 60 horiz. lines

1927 The first cinema talkie (film with sound), the Jazz Singer, released

1927 Invention of Technicolor

1927 First aerosol can patented by Erik Rotheim

1928 John Logie Baird uses wireless methods to transmit a picture across the Atlantic

1928 First commercial applications of urea-formaldehyde

1928 Philo Farnsworth develops the first working television sets

1928 Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin

1928 Morrison and Horton develop quartz crystal oscillator clock

1928 John Logie Baird produced crude color television images

1929 Van de Graaff developed the electrostatic particle accelerator

1929 Car radio developed and introduced by Paul Galvin

1929 Frank Whittle invented jet propulsion

1929 Vladimir Zworykin demonstrated television camera and a cathode-ray tube receiver

1930 Neoprene and polystyrene invented in this year

1930 Bernard Lyot invents the chronograph

1930 Richard Drew invents Scotch tape

1932 Invention of the cyclotron particle accelerator by Stanley Livingstone and Ernest

1932 First vaccine for yellow fever

1932 Edwin Land develops Polaroid photography

1933 Ruska builds the first electron microscope

1933 Patents for unsaturated polyester resins granted to Ellis

1933 Invention of frequency modulation (FM) by Edwin Howard Armstrong

1934 Begun invents the magnetic tape recorder

1934 Coiled-coil electric light bulb invented; this increases the amount of radiated light

1934 Beckman invents the pH meter

1934 Electronic hearing aid developed

1935 Robert Watson-Watt demonstrates his radar

1935 First fluorescent lights produced in the US by the General Electric Corporation

1935 Development of triacetate film, used as a base for photographic film

1936 Development of plexiglass

1936 Kodachrome color film developed

1937 as Wallace Carothers invents nylon

1937 Field-emission microscope invented by Muller

1937 Non-optical two-layer glass fibers patented by Armand Lamesch

1937 Invention of the jet engine by Frank Whittle

1937 Hand-held vacuum cleaner introduced

1937 Spilhaus invented the bathythermograph

1937 Chester Carlson invents a photocopying device

1938 First photogrammetric plotter

1938 Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon) invented

1938 Biro develops the ballpoint pen

1938 Frits Zernike invents the phase contrast microscope

1939 First patent issued for epoxy

1939 Researchers at Iowa State University develop the first prototype computer;

1939 First working helicopter constructed by Sikorsky

1940 Development of primitive radar systems to detect and track aircraft and ships

1940 Peter Goldmark develops modern color television

1940 Invention of polyurethane; typically used for furniture and packing foams

1940 Invention of nickel-based super alloys

1940 Kroll process for extracting titanium from ore patented

1940 Dip soldering used for printed circuit board manufacture

1941 Wartime sees establishment of pulsed radar network in UK

1941 The Z3 computer is developed, the first machine to be controlled by software

1941 Invention of ferrites, ceramic

1942 Germans Braun and Dornberger launch the prototype V2 rocket

1942 Heddy Lamarr and George Antheil invent frequency hopping communications

1942 First digital computer is built by Atanasoff and Berry

1942 Polyester invented

1942 Methyl cyanoacrylate - superglue

1943 Castan issued with a patent for epoxy

1943 Code-breakers at Bletchley use Colossus, a digital computer

1943 Development of silicone, a thermoset polycondensate,

1943 Synthetic rubber developed

1943 James Wright combined silicone oil with boric acid to invent Silly Putty

1943 Slinky toy invented by Richard James

1943 Jacques Cousteau invents the aqualung

1943 Grace Hopper started programming Mark I calculator for US Navy

1944 Paper partition chromatography developed by Synge and Martin

1944 Percy Julian develops synthetic cortisone

1944 Willem Kolff invents the kidney dialysis machine

1945 First vaccine for influenza

1946 Purcell and Bloch develop nuclear magnetic resonance

1946 Percy Spencer invents the microwave

1946 Radiocarbon (carbon 14) dating invented by Willard Libby

1946 ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer)

1946 First paper disposable nappy invented by Marion Donovan

1947 Edwin Land invents instant photography

1947 Tupperware

1947 John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley invented the transistor

1948 George de Mestral invents Velcro

1949 Atomic clock devised by Harold Lyons


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